Hotel Condado legal notice and privacy policy


We guarantee that all your personal data will be transmitted using technology that complies with the highest security standards. Communication between your machine and our servers is encrypted and stored in a Secure Server so that no unauthorized individuals can access your information. Your information will only be accessible to authorized personnel from the Hotel Condado (HOCATEL, S.A.). THATWE Co. certifies the security of our transmissions.


Compliance with Organic Law on the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature HOCATEL, S.A., a Spanish corporation with headquarters located at Aribau 201 in Barcelona (Spain), is the owner of the web site In accordance with the current regulations regarding data protection and information and electronic commerce services, the user agrees that the personal data provided when making a reservation or registering at the web site will be incorporated into files that are the property of this company, for the purpose of:

  • Facilitate the process of providing the requested services
  • Facilitate the correct identification of users that request personalized services at
  • Carrying out statistical studies of users registered at that allow the company to improve its services
  • Managing basic administrative tasks, as well as for keeping the user well-informed, whether through email or through another medium, of new developments, products, and services related to Hotel Condado or its third-party collaborators.

In the case of commercial communications through email or an equivalent medium, the user gives his express consent for the sending of publicity through said medium. HOCATEL, S.A. pledges to fulfill its obligation to maintain the secrecy of data of a personal nature and its duty to handle them with confidentiality, and it assumes, to these effects, the technical, organizational, and security measures necessary to avoid the alteration, loss, and unauthorized handling of or access to the data, in accordance with the regulations established in the Organic Law about Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, and other applicable legislation. Every registered user can at any moment exercise his or her right to access, rectify, and, if desired, cancel the data of a personal nature that he or she has provided, either by written request to HOCATEL, S.A., Aribau 201, 08021 Barcelona, with the words ‘modification / cancellation of personal information’ in the subject line.


Anonymous browsing on the web HOCATEL, S.A., the corporation that owns the web site, collects and saves solely the following information on visitors to our website:

  • The domain name of the provider (ISP) and/or the IP address from which they access the Internet. This allows us to compile statistics on the countries and servers that most frequently visit our web page.
  • The date and time of access to our website. This allows us to find out the time periods with the heaviest traffic and make the necessary adjustments to avoid saturation problems during our peak times.
  • The internet address of the link used by the user to access our website. This information allows us to find out the effectiveness of the various banner ads and links that direct users to our server, so that we can promote those that provide us with the best results.
  • The number of visitors per day to each section. This allows us to find out which areas are most successful and therefore increase and improve their content in order to provide users with a more satisfying experience. The information collected is completely anonymous, and in no case can it be associated with and used to identify a specific user.
  • Browsing with cookies
  • Our web page uses cookies, small data files that are generated in the users computer and that allow us to collect the following information
  • The date and time that the user last visited our web page.
  • The chosen language during his or her first visit to our web page.
  • Security elements involved in controlling access to restricted areas.

The user has the option of blocking the generation of cookies by selecting the appropriate option in his or her web browser. However, the company warns you that deactivating cookies may prevent the correct functioning of the web page.